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It does not matter that where do you live in UAE because every city there is guaranteed to empty your wallet soon before 15th of every month to buy basic food and necessities. After all, Middle East is the place of elites. It will cost you a lot of money to live a week there for a common man. That’s the reason why do people prefer to go US or Australia instead of Sharjah or Abu Dhabi! Therefore, majority of people are unable to save pennies and dirham for rainy days to buy something special after few months. That’s why, in most of the houses, why do husband and wives both work. In these circumstances they, at many times, look for deep cleaning companies in Dubai who can clean their homes for cheap.

In Dubai, there is a whole industry of cleaning companies which provide different types of cleaning services with the help of maids and workers they have. There are so many cleaning companies in UAE. Each company has staff of maids and workers who can facilitate you with their 

  1. Quality of cleaning
  2. Honesty, and
  3. Benign nature.

Some of the services which these companies provide are:

  1. Residential cleaning: Residential cleaning is all about cleaning homes. For this service, one or two maids are sent to the contacted client to clean the place in two to four hours.
  2. Corporate cleaning: The cleaning of offices and companies in called corporate cleaning. Each company has team of 12 to 100s of professional workers and cleaners who have expertise in cleaning and sweeping without disturbing employees and workers.
  3. Sofa cleaning: Majority of companies have separate staff of sofa cleaners because they need different skills and ability to clean them for all corners and nooks.
  4. Swimming pool cleaning: Although, majority of companies charge too much for for swimming cleaning, they all have professionals for cleaning it who can brush off all dirt within deadline.
  5. Window Cleaning: They have window cleaners who can clean and sweep off dust from all sides efficiently within time.
  6. Odor removing: This staff is must to call because they can make your home pleasant by using different sprays and techniques which can let you have fresh air and pleasant smell in nose.
  7. Villa cleaning: They used to send big staff for villa cleaning in Dubai to give you the best of best services.

So, these are few services which majority of companies offer. Each company has its own set of charges but most of them charge 35 AED for an hour and charge you extra if you want their maids on holidays.