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In this article you will receive detailed guidance about cleaning companies and the services they provide, so when you need to hire a maid you will be aware of the services you require to get a sparkling bathroom or squeaky-clean kitchen floors. Be aware that there are numerous options that you can explore, and not all the companies provide tailored services as they claim. If you have a generous budget, you can hire a live-in full-time maid, or if you have a restricted time and money you can always hire a part time made with specific days and time around your busy schedule.

House Cleaning

All the cleaning services in Dubai will consist of a full cleaning for the house. Nowadays, people are busy with their hectic routines and Dubai lifestyle consists of social environment which means you can get guests over. You would not want to be running around tidying and dusting last minute when you have guests coming over. You will no longer have to worry about dirty laundry piling over until you finally get a chance to load the washing machine or simply mop the floor daily with disinfectants to maintain a healthy fresh environment in your house.

Party Helpers

Speaking of guests, if you are throwing a party, you can hire help to tidy up the party mess afterwards. It is always fun planning parties, inviting guests over, throwing big family feasts, but once everyone is gone all you feel like doing is change into your pyjamas and relax rather than empty out left-over dishes and load the dishwasher.

Pet Care

If you own a pet, then you must know how they are the most valued member of your family. They require special care and attention, which can prove difficult when you have a busy schedule and you have not got time to take them out for a walk.

Sofa/Curtain/Mattress Sanitization

You book individual services limited to just sanitization of items around the house. If you are someone who looks after the cleanliness of the house yourself and need deep cleaning of your sofa or curtains you can ask the cleaning company to provide you with sanitization of these items.

A/C Cleaning services

Due to dust storms and humid weather in Dubai, you will often find that this affect the air quality. The dust accumulates on the surfaces and underneath which will affect the overall quality of your air indoors. The service includes restoring AC performance, and cleaning out the filters, vents and water trays with water jet machines. If it requires drainpipe flushing or general maintenance, that will be looked at as well.

There are packages available to suit your requirements, the minimum hours most companies provide are 3 hours and the average rate for the cleaning companies they charge per hour is 35AED. You can choose days, times, our slots online or by calling the companies and schedule them around your routine to suit you and save you from any worries about being in a million places at the same time and feel in control.