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It is not architecture to construct the house only, it is not architecture to make the map only, it is not architecture to think about space planning only and it is not architecture to learn basics of remodelling. Architecture is the vast field. It is the compilation of construction, mapping, space planning and remodelling. It is a small part of urban planning. That’s the reason why this field is not as easy as ABC to study it, apply it, practice it and receive expertise in it. However, it is also not that tough, as well. All you need is observation and focus. If you are practicing these two then you can become exceptional architect in your own way!

Sharjah is the home of architectural companies and firms. These companies have the finest architects and many of them are affiliated with world’s best acclaimed firms. Few of them have branches in other parts of the world as well.

Thus, you can find number of architects in this part of UAE which has many plus points. The biggest plus point is cheap. Sharjah is not as expensive as Dubai and Abu Dhabi which means your home can be renovated while keeping your wallet half full.

Thus, many of them are must to consult but you can consult only a one. Therefore, I have consolidated a list of best architecture firms in Sharjah.

Do you want to read the list? If yes, then scroll down and see here!

  1. Platinum House:
    It is a group of the finest architectural companies that provides numerous facilities of house planning, project management, budget monitoring while planning your floor and kitchen according to your wishes.
  2. Claudio Modola Design:
    It is the international architectural firm which has branch in Sharjah. The company has designed numerous villas and execute thousands of project which has received worldwide recognition.
  3. Decoration.ae:
    This firm has crafted residential settings into contemporary styles while turned old grounds into green polo grounds which are appreciated by all viewers.
  4. MEAN:
    MEAN or Middle East Architecture Network can add technological element in your apartment and workplaces to make them WOW. They have experts of Robotics, VR and AR. Besides this the company can design the house with the help of 3D printing and printers.

So, these are top architectural companies and firms located in Sharjah. Select any of them and witness the jaw-dropping change in your home and place.