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Baby is source of happiness an shot in many homes especially for newly wedded couples who are always trying to capture every moment if their baby in their cameras or enjoy it fully to explain every of their friends and relatives in detail to make everyone fall in love with him or her. That’s the reason why they decorate the room so devotedly.

If you are a new parent and want to decorate by yourself but need some guidelines, then read below!

Size: You don’t need to pick a large room of your house for your child. A small room is enough for him or her because your child is infant. He or she does not move in whole room. He or she keeps lying all day long. Therefore, you can pick the smallest room for toddler as well.

Colour scheme: Pick bright colours. You can paint the whole room pink or blue according to the gender or you can pick other than them too like purple, green or any other. You can also paint a wall with different color and then paint shapes or hang frames on it while painting remaining walls with typical blue or pink color. Instead of painting, you can buy wallpaper too. It will cost you not so much and it would not make dirt as well.

Cupboard: Buy a medium sized cupboard for room because you would have to keep a lot of clothes of your star which includes rompers, caps, towels, shorts, mattress, sweaters and many other things. You have to make a separate portion for feeders and milk too to keep that area save and untouched. Besides this, you can also keep you maternity leggings and  maternity clothes UAE because mothers have more stay at their child’s room than their own room.

Curtains: Infants are very sensitive to light; therefore, put curtains of  a little heavy cloth to let then sleep for long hours soundly which they need the most. You can do mix and match in curtains to design the room in the best way that can curdled him or her a lot.

Mats and carpets: Buy fluffy and thick carpets for the room because a child is very soft and sensitive  if he or she will fall down then they may not hurt themselves because of thickness of carpet and it’s fluffiness.

Space: Leave much of the area empty or cover them with carpets because you will need space to move around otherwise you might fall him or her down on the floor.

So, these are things which you have to while decorating a plain room for your child.