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Car battery is keeping your vehicle alive and there is no way in this world that you can run a car without proper knowledge of car battery in Abu Dhabi because apparently it is also one of those things in a car which troubles the drivers most. Here we have list down all those important things that one should know about car batteries and how to overcome any problem that occurs in between:

  • Vibrations can ruin a battery

There are many things that can cause serious harm to the battery one of which is the vibration. These vibrations can cause the plates to shake around loosening them up from the internal connection. You can prevent this from happening by holding the battery down properly and fitting it into place so that the vibration cannot cause any harm to it.

  • Short trips have a potential to kill the battery

If you are one of those people who rarely drive for long period of time then your car battery Abu Dhabi might be in danger as the batteries which don’t get enough time to fully charge every time the car is started they can end up in a short lifespan. If you can’t manage on going to long trips with your dear car, you can choose a battery maintainer and you will be good to go.

  • Lifespan of batteries

Usually car batteries have a potential to last up to 4-7 years – depending on the climatic conditions and weather. It is easy to know when your battery requires car oil change in Abu Dhabi and when the battery itself is dying away. A few signs of weak battery can be the dim headlights, strange compressor noises from the air conditioner or engine cranking consume more time than usual. We recommend getting your battery checked before winters specifically as that is the crucial time for weak batteries to survive. Though replacing battery is not such a hard task and requires only a few minutes but it is good to get it done by a professional because your battery is a sensitive part of the car and the safer you are with it the better it will perform.

Batteries are the lifeline of cars and simple care can go a long way especially when you plan on keeping the car safe for upcoming years.