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Who is a building surveyor? What is plant and machinery valuation?

Whether it’s a large corporation or an individual whenever they go to redevelop a flat or any sort of building, they always need a building surveyor in order to see if the home or flat or even buildings are in good condition or not. They can be found anywhere because their need is increasing day by day, you can find a building surveyor in Dubai or anywhere if you go out looking for one.

What is building surveyor?

Building surveyors provide commercial valuation services and they are the ones who have specialized in buildings. They are involved in almost all aspects of buildings or property or construction. They more often are used for historical buildings to see if these buildings are safe or not.

What kind of work they do?

Let’s take an example, you are a building surveyor and you’ve given a home or buildings and remember you are looking for defects of any kind just like a building surveyor would do. First look at the roof if it is a slate roof then look for the slipped and missed slates if it is a normal one then see if it is safe or not. When you enter, look out for the broken walls or for the holes on the walls and see how deep they really are. Look for moisture because moisture can be very dangerous and mostly it means that the house is not so strong and walls or floors can be cracked any minute. And then go on to the rooms see for any more defects, then check out the pipes, floors, roofs, insects moisture etc. Just make sure that the house or building is safer for the individual or even if it’s a large corporation.

What is plant and machinery valuation?

Plant and machinery valuation is basically a process of estimating the worth of a plant or machinery used especially in a production / manufacturing company. Plant valuation includes all assets and devices used in a production company to produce goods and services. Building surveyor and plant and equipment valuation is an important valuation that can be helpful to a company and even to other people. A company knows its worth by this.