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Looking beautiful for everyone is a natural thing and for that sometime you need cosmetics to look good and beautiful and definitely its your right to look awesome in front of the world. Sometime you wear makeup by your own but most of the women have to go to the salon where salon girls apply some facial tips on your face and make you beautiful. If you are living in UAE so its so easy to get in contact with best ladies salon in JLT or you can Google to find the contacts of these salons.  Nail salon JLT in Dubai is so famous all over the UAE. But sometime you don’t want to go to the salon and you want to get ready quickly so here are some tips for good makeup which you can apply on your face and can look beautiful.

1: Skin need to get Hydrate

First thing that you should apply on your face is to hydrate the skin of your face. Moisturize your face skin and it will make your makeup flawless even your friends will ask you about the makeup.

2: Conceal the Dark Circles

Main thing on your face is dark circles which looks not good on your face second thing afet getting the hydrate your skin use the concealed to hide the dark circles. You can have concealer easily from the market and its easy to apply on face.

 3: Use Base

Most important thing in makeup is base and you use it all the time on face because base makes your skin shiny and healthy and you look good with base. But try to apply base on your face perfectly and for that use the foundation stick. its easy and it takes less time to apply.

4: Hide the Blemishes

Use the good foundation to conceal the blemishes it will keep your skin good and healthy and you will look beautiful.

5: apply color on your cheeks

To enhance the beauty of yourself you should use some colors on your cheeks special light red color will make your cheeks cute and dashing. And when you will smile you will look flawless and awesome and you should try it if you didn’t try it yet. Use brush to apply shades and powder on your cheeks.

These are some useful tips that can make you more beautiful.